Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday, Monday, Monday

I spent this past weekend in Houston, as a means of avoidance, but had a lovely time with the family nonetheless. I got my requisite meal at Mamacita's with Beth's mother and afterwards Beth, Matt, Nigel, and I went to my mum and dad's house for the standard wildlife show. Upon arrival, a baby possum startled the boys and played dead right outside my mum's door. There were possums and raccoons fighting over cat food, my mum telling Matt about her animal heaven, the 13 cats (1.Helene 2.Katie 3.Mikey 4.Sonny 5.Dexter 6.Simeon 7.Odessa 8.Bridgette 9.Max 10.Stuart 11.Ambush 12.Thommy 13.Abbey), and a near fight to the death between Nigel and Roland (the stuffed rat my dad is very fond of).

Friday night was lovely! Matt and my dad played guitar until 1:30am while Beth, mum, and me kept the beer flowing and dancing going. I truly love my parents and spending time with them like this, but it made me feel a little blue. Beth brings home the good guy who gets along and impresses them, while I've only brought home the antisocial, rude ones that roll their eyes at cat stories, Twitter about how crazy we are, and constantly complain about how there isn't anything fun to do. I know it's just another reason for me not to be sad about my recent breakup, as it only enforces what a jerk I was dating whenever he couldn't even try to be nice to my family and always talked about how much he dislikes his own wonderful family.

Saturday I went to my real father's house for his annual family crawfish boil. It was the first one I've attended in over 6 years and is compromised of his wife's Louisiana family. It was nice to see a lot of faces I had forgotten as well as my sister and her family. I'm not the biggest crawfish fan, but I do eat and like them. I must have been a disappointment at peeling to the pros because everyone kept trying to help me out and peel my mud bugs for me.

With my "little brother" Max

My pregnant sister

My nephew Stephen

My father, nephew, and brother-in-law working the crawfish

Max again!

Easter egg hunt!

Saturday was a rough day for me. I think it's ridiculous how I physche myself out. I had a nice time with my father and didn't have any reason to be sad, but I was. It was the ex's birthday and there's still that strange hope that I have about something shocking his mind into reality. I know I am in a great position and don't want anything from him, but sometimes my brain still gets all wrapped up and warped. It's also hard having holiday traditions and memories that aren't there anymore; knowing I don't get invited to the regular festivites and the friends I made through and with him aren't mine anymore. Anyhow, whenever I returned to my mum's house Beth, Matt, and the Easter bunny had surprised me with a sweet little Easter basket and kitty cat salt and pepper shakers. It cheered me up and I cried like a happy little baby. We had another family jam fest Saturday night...I really am so lucky to have such fun, caring, and outgoing parents.

Sunday morning Easter brunch with Beth's Dad at Lacey's yummy! I had a windy, sunny ride back to Austin afterwards which was so relaxing. I love the way hot summer winds feel and can't wait to live outdoors this year. It's official: this summer will be the best of my life so deal with it!

My mum fell in love with Nigel and Nigel was in love with the constant buffet of cat food. This, however, resulted in a very uncomfortable car ride home. Poor Nigel had the poos and got so freaked out trying to ask us to pull the car over so he could go. Needless to say, there was an accident-induced pit stop on the side of the freeway. Reminded me of road trips with my cats, which always resulted in the same situation.

Nigel's so happy to be "going"

So, it's Monday and this is going to be a great week...


Beth said...

Poor Nigel with the runs!

The LD said...

Poor LD in the backseat with Nigel with the runs!