Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Like it Here

Waking up Saturday on my terms feels so great! I can take as long as I want weighing myself on the scale, checking for blatant technological failures. I can eat pineapple and Frito's for breakfast with stale champagne and flavored mineral water to replenish the bubbles, of course, and I can listen to Nick Cave as loud as I want with my windows open while dancing naked..."Little Janey wakes up and says, 'we're gonna have a real good time tonight."

I love my friends and they have always been so supportive and insightful with regards to relationship troubles. Me, on the other hand, I steer clear from giving relationship advice to my friends. I think my role should be to listen, be the shoulder to cry on, and perhaps give them another perspective they couldn't see from the inside. I'm the "wait 24 hours, girl" type of advice giver. I think its more important to evaluate the cause of emotions or conflict instead of scrambling for the resolution. Perhaps that isn't the best way to make things work, but it keeps me sane and I was able to happily(mostly) continue in a relationship for 3 years with a reality-avoiding, overextended, egotist......Cut to the chase: Last night I was in the advice giving position for 3 of my friends and waking up this morning it makes me wonder why people get themselves so worked up over silly things. I just wanted my ex to show minimum concern and obligation for my well being while I was in the hospital. My point is, that although I was madly in love with an asshole and my soul is blacker now as a result, the next lucky fella will certainly be getting the best of the best, so I should gingerly brush off the bullshit and so should my gal pals.


-I love peeing outside and did so last night at the bar to great fanfare. I asked an employee permission first, of course

-After years of waiting....I've decided to get that damn pigeon tattoo I've always wanted. The best part is that my GF Adrienne said that if I ever got it, she would want to get a Mike Tyson tattoo to compliment it. Pics will surely follow.

-I'm going to a craw fish boil today and another one next Saturday. Ugggg, I can't get pumped about it and would rather bring on the oysters while we still can (R months).

-My Grandma is a really awesome lady. She's always giving me advice like: "Just look at Sandy Bullock, She'll be dealing with that heartbreak forever so she got a baby to replace the love. Just like when a kitten dies, you replace it. Baby girl, get a man before you bed turns cold." She also sends me lovely, lace thongs and I haven't had to purchase any panties in over two years.

-Nick Cave is firing up my loins this weekend..."you better hold onto yourself!"

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