Thursday, April 21, 2011

Amelia Bedelia

I have really vivid dreams and sometimes have a hard time remembering what was real and what was a part of the dream. My neighborhood homeless man was in my dream last night. I stumbled upon his nice sewer shelter that he had remodeled to include a skylight. (He poked a hole in the sewer manhole cover, he explained). There was also a sweet lost kitty named Evan in my dream and her owner's phone number was 580-942-x743. Its nuts that I remember all but one digit of the number on the kitten's tag. Anyhow, it just crossed my mind that I needed to return Evan after work and then I remembered it was just a dream.

I'm hopped up on steroids and am already getting irritable. I warned the boss and the friends are already familiar with my roid range, but ewww weeee I'm in a mood! Right now I'm self medicating with fuzzy animal videos. I think I could watch baby racoons taking bathes all day, every day, for the rest of my life.

Lunch today with my lovely Lela and ladies night tonight with Cara. I'm excited....I need some lady time. Actually, I think all I ever have is lady time. There was lady time last night, and lady time Tuesday night. Oh, and Monday was lady time too. I love my ladies!

So, I cashed some savings bonds yesterday from my Great Grandmother that my father had sent me. I don't know much about her, but do remember a short visit to Philadelphia when I was a kid. I guess I either didn't know, or never thought about it, but her name is Amelia which is one of my top 5 favorite names. Cecilia was very nearly named Amelia. It has put me into a research and discovery mood to learn about Great Grandma Amelia. Also, I've always wanted to go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see my favorite piece of art, Etant Donnes by Marcel Duchamp. About 2 years ago they had a retrospective and exhibited it, but I wasn't in the position to go at the time. I'm still kicking myself about it. But now, I've made a promise to myself and G.Gma Amelia that I will go to Philly, see the sights, and revel in Duchamp. I've been wanting to have a soul searching vacation by myself for a while now, so perhaps this could be it!

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The LD said...

So...I'm going to Philly!!! This July and will see the sights, eat the steaks and find my soul wrapped up in Duchamp and the Mutter Museum of medical oddities. I can't wait!

And the best part: Gene Beam and I are going together with an NYC beach off shoot mini-break. I wonder if a certain Jersey boy will make an appearance? (Just sayin')