Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Willie Nelson

Happy birthday, Willie! Wow, 78- that blows my mind. Here's my favorite:

Speaking of old people... I have a new lady crush on the Queen of England after watching the royal wedding. I was very excited about the whole thing, love the absurdity of hat wear, and won $15 on my bet that the Queen would be wearing yellow. What shocked me the most was how alert and attentive the Queen is at 85. I don't think she will be kicking the bucket anytime soon even though I do have her on my 2011 celebrity death list.

For the past year or so I have been "working" on a children's album that I was going to make for my favorite baby, Posey, on the occasion of her 1st birthday, which was January 31st. John has been excited about the idea whenever I told him months and months ago. I've got about 5 hit songs already written and was going to stop at that, but JJ thinks we should record, tour, and become an international children's success. We'll see where it goes, but There's a Hole in my Butt will be available sometime this year for sure.

Okay, I have more to say, but not the time.........until next time. Also, I'm currently listening to this:

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