Thursday, April 28, 2011

Candy Canes and Subway Trains

I'm outta the blues!!! My moods are so predictable and pretty much last from Monday-Wednesday. It's just so silly how we can work ourselves up for nothing. I keep telling myself that I have to be benefitting from it somehow or else I would stop...perhaps the benefit is that sometimes I just like being alone and wallowing.

Last night was great, and surely the main reason my blues are gone. Beth made me a yummy dinner at her new place/my old place. I really like being back in that house. It's silly, but being there feels like a hug from grandma. After dinner we went with the gals to Mohawk for Reigning Sound. I was so pumped and we got there at 8pm out of fear that there would be a line, a wait list, a tornado of people, but there were only crickets and boozers left over from happy hour.  I got all sugared up on Roy Rogers' at Casino El Camino while waiting for the show. The bartender told me he was hooking me up with extra cherries...I felt like a little girl again. Here's a picture where my face looks really fat!! ENJOY

Gene Beam, LD, Rutter Butter

Back to Reigning Sound...God, I had a blast last night! I got to hear my Bad Man song and scream and dance with Gina, Beth, Jamie, and Brittany. It was great!

My 3Gs called me last night while we were at Casino. He's a real sweetie! Told me that he was happy to hear my voice sounding cute and happy. It kind of blows my mind and opens my eyes: I should always be sounding cute and happy...I'm a cute and happy person. When he visited I was not the me I love to be, so it is refreshing to think that he got the gist of that and comments whenever I am in good spirits. Also, I primarily send him sad, drunk texts which doesn't aid much with my good spirits so I'm glad he heard the happy voice. Regardless, I still have a crush and it was nice to have a quick little chat. He told me about playing with Reigning Sound and fun summer band plans. He's going to Chili next month. Funny, I just got all worked up about finally taking a vacation and going to Philly this summer and this boy runs off to Chili (Philly-Chili rhyme time y'all!). I'm not a home body, but I'm definitely not as adventurous as I'd like to be. My science brain views vacations as taking risks or making compromising arrangements in life...I just need to let go more and live a little! Hell, why not take the plunge and live a lot!? Here's an oldie pic of me with Gregg from a few SXSW's ago:

Erggg, my face doesn't look very colorful

My Life as a Russian Novel, the Emmanuel Carrere autobiography I'm reading, is really working me up and I can't wait to finish it. I'm enjoying it, but think it's strange that I'm reading the autobiography of someone I have no clue about; makes it feel more like a novel. Anyhow, I had wanted to read The Moustache, but the library never has it in stock so I took this one instead. It's kind of racy! Also, someone was just hacked to death with an ax in Russia; real life.

I have a tattoo consultation appointment tonight and then more music, music, music. I don't know if Gina and I can handle another late night on the town, but that's what's on the books so it's happening. Wes, Vivian Girls, and Black Lips tonight. I'm so over the Black Lips mainly because the last show I went to was full of kiddies with big black X's on their hands, a nudie tween boy trying to pee in his own mouth on stage...I seriously think there had to be 13 year olds's music for your little brother. Anyhow, this SXSW I finally told the boys my beer bottle breaking trick they'd been pining for since way back in the H-town ruckus days. One time I successfully broke the beer bottle over my head, but managed to slice my finger into some shrapnel-ridden looking twig...oh the wild days of LD. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if they've been able to perfect it these last few weeks. I'm not looking for a blast tonight, just gonna be that nudie tween boy's mum sitting on the bleachers resting my feet. Besides, I have to rest up for the royal wedding tomorrow!

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