Friday, April 1, 2011

Breakup Haircut

I'm surprisingly in an amazing mental state regarding my breakup. I thought after 3 years, I'd be in an emotional state much longer than a month and a half. (Perhaps that is a measure of the character of the man I was with) Regardless, I'm feeling great, excited about the changes in my life, and wanted that to be reflected on the outside too. Also, like I had said before, I love me some breakup haircuts!

I've had the same look, more or less, for the last 4 years and always loved that my hair color matched What'shislame's beard color. I have very straight hair and have always rocked the long hair, side-swept bangs, light brown with blonde highlights, and layers. My hairdresser is a good friend on mine and she's absolutely amazing. The first thing that had to go was my color and everything else was her choice. The new look is a chocolate brown with light brown and blondish highlights. I have so many grey hairs and Pam is just amazing at making highlights blend in new grey! We cut about 5 inches of layers off and the bangs are now heavy and straight, which I've always loved on other people. I'm not completely sold on the bangs, but I'll get used to them and I love the darker color. Of course these aren't dramatic before and after photos, but I'm feeling better and lookin' good!

BEFORE (with Peelander Green!!)


Pam works at Vanity Salon here in Austin if you'd like to book an appointment with her. She's magical!

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