Friday, August 26, 2016

5 Facts Friday

My most favorite blogs to write are my 5 Facts Fridays, but this week I feel silly having both Monday and Friday themed posts. I'm gonna do it anyhow, so I hope you can deal with it.

  • I ate a giant pizza yesterday! My GF Julia is moving away, which makes me sad, but she's leaving for nursing school, which makes me happy and she had a giant pizza going away party which makes me super happy. I love you Jules, wish you the best of luck in Houston, and words cannot express how jealous I am about all the green sauce you'll be eating.
30 inch pizza!!!!

  • I'm going to have to call you back 'cause David Yow is on the radio, is apparently how my husband answers the phone now.

  • Buddy, my accidental cat, had conjunctivitis this week. I bought some Canadian meds off Amazon because he's too wily to take to the vet. He stopped loving me as punishment for putting eye cream in his festering peeper, but tonight he showed me some benevolence now that he's unoozy.

  • The only thing I hate more than inconsiderate walkers is an inconsiderate walker who makes me bump into him and leaves his sweaty man, sourdough funk smell in my nose, which happened this afternoon. The silver-lining of this tidbit, however, is that it didn't smell half as terrible as my office did 3 days after someone vomited in it. Oh my god, it smelled like rotten shrimp casserole all week!

  • Courtney Barnett's Nobody Really Cares if You Don't Go to the Party is my current theme song, hence the blogging at 10 pm on a Friday night.

Monday, August 22, 2016

A Case of the Mondays

I think, if I've ever had a "case of the Mondays," today was the day.

In addition to the usual chaos and work frustrations my day went like this:


I split the ass of a lovely wrap dress as I sat down for a staff meeting. I would have described it as flattering and slimming before it busted open.

RIP My lovely floral kimono

What I though was someone heating up a late lunch in the microwave turned out to be vomit from a college-aged student just outside my office door.

This prehistoric creature (or something similar) fell from the sky and hit my head while I was walking to the bus. A grackle quickly snatched it up, which makes me think he was trying to bust open his din din by dropping it from the sky.

There's no lead-in or explanation for this bullshit. Tonight I chomped down on a freakin' rock while eating some leftover pinto beans. The silver-lining, however, is that I didn't break a tooth even though I have broken teeth on french bread and twice on cheese. Not just any cheese, bre and queso fresco. The only thing softer would be ice cream.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lady Church

I Megabus-ed in and out of Dallas earlier this week to "get into formation" with my girl Jamie and watch Beyonce at Cowboys Stadium. It was magical! Beyonce is the supernatural God of Lady Church and it should be required that every female worship at her altar before getting their period and transitioning into womanhood. I cannot quite explain the sensation that coursed through my veins while watching that magical creature sing and dance for 2.5 hours. I felt empowered, youthful, and surprisingly eager to be stronger and more feminine. Here are some highlights of my trip:

Jamie took me to Yucatan Taco Stand in Lower Greenville to share what can only be described as wedding cake-sized nachos. They were insanely delicious, but we could only power through half of them before the tequila slowed us down.

I never took a picture, so I borrowed this one from Yelp
There was a shallow basin at the end of Beyonce's stage/runway that filled up with water, unexpectedly, towards the end of the performance. The $700/ticket crowd around the Beyonce lagoon went absolutely insane as she and her dancers stomped buckets of water in their faces. Someone passed her a Texas flag and the most adorable Christmas morning smile snuck up on Beyonce's face as she twirled around. Angelic... how can a woman my age be so heavenly?!

My husband has been heartbroken by the death of Prince. As a result, I have seen so many Prince tributes online, from Garth Brooks to D'Angelo. Midway through the concert I heard the beginning notes of Prince's The Beautiful Ones and I lost my freakin' mind. Jamie and I were screaming our heads off once the fog machine blew out purple haze. It was such a beautiful tribute.

This video isn't from the concert (see Footnote), but it's so beautiful and you can glean my experience from it.


I know how ridiculous it sounds... my life was truly changed by this concert. I worship at the Lady Church and Beyonce is my God.

** Footnote **
I was so engrossed in the moment, that I didn't take any pictures at the concert. Go figure, I watched a performance through my eyes and not my iPhone. Accordingly, I got my photos from Beyonce's official tour pics HERE and video from YouTube.

Friday, May 6, 2016

5 Facts Friday

  • Something has happened to me neurologically, I can only assume, as I am suddenly forgetting to zip my pants after going to the bathroom.
  • I have accidentally started reading the books of Meryl Streep movies. It started with Out of Africa, which you shouldn't bother to read, followed with Sophie's Choice, and will end with Heartburn. Oh god, it must end because I don't even like Meryl Streep much. If you're curious about what's on my to-read list you can find out HERE on Goodreads.
  • This weekend I will be headed to DFW to see Beyonce!!!! In case you've forgotten how much I love Beyonce, I invite you to read my "5 Beyonce Facts Friday" post from February 2013. 
  • In March I read Marie Kondo's, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and my life was truly changed! Over the course of a week, or so, I tore up my house eliminating everything that didn't bring me joy. 50 gallon trash bag after trash bag was taken to Goodwill, Half Priced Books, and Letty's clothing swap. The man at Goodwill even remarked at the volume, "Oh wow, Miss!" All in all, it felt great to lighten my load, simplify my closet, and remove the tumorous stuff from our house. I highly recommend that everybody try out the process, but would suggest reading the revamped version, Spark Joy instead. Now, if I can only get BBC to allow me to go through his things. 
Every article of clothing I own, piled nearly 2ft high on my king-sized bed!
  • Last night I accidentally realized that my work laptop, which I have had since February, was a touchscreen. No additional comment.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

….And We’re Back

It’s been over a year since I last blogged, y’all. In that time I

  •  Got a new job (Finance Manager now, baby!)
  •  Lost Boris and Cecilia

  • Started psychotherapy
  •  Broke another tooth 
  •  And BeyoncĂ© released two new albums!
It's been a whirlwind and I've got some things to say, starting with the return of my old favorite, "5 Facts Friday!"

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Howdy, 2015

Here we go again: Every year I make a list of goals and declarations that are long forgotten come March, but it brings me so much joy. So, with that, here are my 15 resolutions for 2015:

  1. Finally begin refinishing the headboard I planned on painting this past summer.
  2. I've been addicted to my electronic cigarette for nearly 4 years now and use it more than I ever did actual cigarettes. I sleep with it under my pillow to smoke in the middle of the night even! It's pretty ridiculous. I've started cutting back with  hopes of quitting in 2015.
  3. Make at least one phone call a week. I feel so busy with work and distant from my friends and family as a result. I'm hoping making the time will come naturally after scheduling weekly phone calls.
  4. A wetter summer! My soul felt dry this summer as I didn't swim nearly as much as I wanted to. I will make up for that when 2015 gets warm.
  5. Meet with a relator/mortgage officer to begin the home buying process.
  6. Pack more work lunches to save money and calories.
  7. Oysters, lobster, and martinis! Just a few of the items I want to consume.
  8. Be bill-free by the end of the year! Of course I'll have my standard monthly bills, but I'd like to avoid the hassle of paying them and having everything set up for automatic payments.
  9. Cook more meals at home. I've nearly stopped cooking all together since becoming a fancy lady executive and I truly miss it.
  10. As a career-oriented lady, I want to include a career goal, but 2014 was a big career year for me. I love my new position and definitely see growth outside of my office, but want to reach my peak before climbing higher. So, in 2015 I'll work on that steady climb.
  11. Eat less meat. I was a vegetarian/vegan for more than a third of my life, but that has gone to the wayside in recent years. BBC loves vegetarian food, so the only holdup is myself.
  12. Hot Springs, AZ. BBC and I had hoped to spend Thanksgiving in Hot Springs, but losing our kitty Boris threw us off kilter. I still crave the healing mineral water and a change of pace.
  13. Invite our friend Nick over for dinner, who has cooked for us many times. Recently Nick mentioned that he hasn't been to our house, so a dinner party is in order.
  14. Finish BBC's dental work. I went through the same overhaul several years ago and Brandon is nearly finished getting his chompers in order.
  15. Mexico in May. My lady friend, Karen, will be turning 30 this year and wants a girls trip to a beach resort in Mexico. I can't believe that as a Texas native I've never been.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sugar Plum Dreams

Oh holy night, how long has it been since I last blogged!? Nothing like a two week winter break and sitting at my mum's house to provide me with the free time. So, in the spirit of receiving, I provide you with my list of presents I'd like to see waiting for me under the tree when I return home:

  • We lost our sweet kitty Boris recently and I miss his black velvet fur cuddles. Nothing could replace him and our darling Cecilia is doing great as an only cat, but a pug-shaped hole is slowly growing in my heart.

  • I'm blaming my recent binge of infomercial watching on this next item. Secret Extensions!! $39.99 for a fake hair halo?! I'd be crazy to not buy this!

  • I've fallen in love with the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's tea lattes. They blend them most delicious teas with a vanilla powder to create this heavenly elixir. I've started purchasing the vanilla powder separately to recreate tea lattes at home and work. My favorite tea is their Winter Dream blend. I bought this gift set for my office's white elephant exchange and it was almost impossible for me to not pick it myself.

  • A maid service. Last year Brandon and I got a newer car before Christmas and agreed it was our family present. This year, I'd like a maid service to come in and clean from top to bottom. With both of us working so much, cleaning is one of my last priorities.
  • An ecosphere; 'nuff said!
  • As always, my biggest wish is for a dream bathroom fit for a bubble queen.
Happy Christmas, y'all! I hope your sugar plum dreams come true Christmas morning.