Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Long Time No Type

Oh my goodness, y'all!!! It's been over a month since I last blogged. Is anybody having withdrawals?! Are you concerned that perhaps I've died over these last weeks?! Well, the universe is still spinning and I'm still alive. My new job has become such a big part of my life; blogging, and internetting in general, are virtually gone from my day-to-day routine. I feel so unconnected to the virtual world. Does 'Lil Bub still love yougurt? Has Grumpy Cat learned how to smile?! What's the scoop? Well, here is some personal scoop about me and the new job:

  • I love the new job! Moving from my own office to a cubicle in a sea of other cubicles was, perhaps, the biggest change.  I researched cubicle etiquette online beforehand, as I had an irrational fear of being unliked by my "pod mates." Expectedly, not eating fish for lunch and avoiding strong perfumes topped the lists, but the most surprising thing I found was that you shouldn't walk through other cubicles as a shortcut across the office. 
  • My hours have become more regular; now nearly 50 hours a week instead of 60+. There was one night last week that I stayed until 10:00pm, so you can see why I was the last to learn that Robin Williams died. My source of entertainment news is now the liquor store cashier.
  • BBC works across the street from me, which provides a strange sense of comfort. Both of us are usually unsure of when we'll finish each day, so we meet up at the bar nearby for drinks before carpooling home. I love it, but our alcohol budget, and consumption, has nearly doubled. 
  • Last week my favorite colleague peer pressured me into smoking a cigarette. It's been years since I last smoked a real cigarette, as the electronic ones are my addiction of choice. The coworker was having an exceptionally stressful day, thought she overheard that I smoked, and asked for a cigarette. After explaining that I only vaporized my nicotine, I offered to get her a cigarette from BBC across the street. I grabbed two for her, but changed my mind at the last minute and was only going to giver her one as to not fuel her craving since she had quit many, many years ago. After I gave her the cigarette, she asked if I was going to join her and for unknown reasons, I did. It was delicious, but I felt like a teenager again trying to cover up the smell. Have no fear, I followed cubible etiquette and didn't over apply perfume.
  • The new job is pretty high stress. Basically, I'm the main administrative liaison for two colleges on campus, fielding all administrative tasks from purchasing supplies to hiring new employees.  I also frequently feel like Smokey the Bear, putting out fires and trying to prevent other disasters. Not only have I become an adrenaline junkie, assuming office work can give you jolts of adrenaline, but I've somehow overcome my lifelong aversion to chocolate.

Friday, June 27, 2014

5 Facts Friday: Work Edition

Oh my god y'all, this Friday has been the start of the most deserved weekend I've had in a very long time. I started my new job this week, and while I went in Monday without reservations or anxieties, most of my week was anxiety-ridden. I know I made the best decision for me in quitting both of my jobs and moving on in my career, which feels pretty darn great. So, with that, I present my 5 Facts Friday blog, the work edition.
  • I've mentioned this many times in past blogs, but for most of my adult life my grandmother has been doing my lingerie shopping. She used to send me large envelopes stuffed with my favorite undies. Over the years, those panties have taken a beating and it's time to replenish my panty drawer. I have a hard time dropping the $20 that a pair of hanky pankies cost, but I'm going to reward myself by tossing out every pair with a busted waistband. Woo hoo, brand new panties for my hoochie-coo! I'm not entirely sure what this has to do with work, but I got a raise so I can afford underwear now, I suppose.
  • My office building is now across the street from Brandon's job. I do a lot of walking past his shop to meet with clients on campus and I love being able to watch him load up his flower truck in the morning. I don't get to do much more than call out his name and say hi, but that's all it takes to brighten my day even more.
  • Another "bigger salary" splurge I'm planning is to make is my first hydrotherapy appointment in July. What's hydrotherapy you ask? Well, basically you pay a spa to take a bubble bath. I can't wait!
  • My new office has Friday breakfast! Every Friday someone in the office brings in breakfast for the whole crew. Today we had fruit, bacon wrapped dates that drove everyone wild, doughnuts, and nomosas. I'm shocked, but the nomosas were pretty great. Sure, the champagne was replaced with ginger ale, but I still had two and felt giddy. I'm crossing my fingers that next Friday we have a fancy bagel bar!

  • I haven't been able to keep up with my normal internetting this week and I'm looking forward to binging on Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge this weekend. I also have a handful of projects on my to-do list that I'm so excited to start without clear intentions of finishing them. Yay for valuing my free time more!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Evil Weevil

Earlier this week I tossed nearly the entire contents of my pantry due to a bo weevil infestation. While I'm mostly pissed off about throwing out so much food, a large portion of me is sentimental and nostalgic about my childhood. For most of my childhood, I was raised by a poor, single mother of two who cried with every lice outbreak. She couldn't afford to miss work when we were kicked out of school for hair bugs and she couldn't afford the treatments either, but lice never seemed to break her resolve quite like weevils did.

If you aren't familiar with bo weevils, they're a small beetle that eats cotton buds and flowers. Normal weevils, however, chomp on flours, grains, seeds, legumes, etc. While I actually have only experienced weevil infestations, my mum always called them boooooo weevils, so that's what I call them. Flour bugs, essentially. Here are some images:

I vividly remember my mum throwing away nearly the entire contents of our pantry while trying to hide sobs when we had our first weevil outbreak. All food in cans were washed in the sink and when the labels came off the cans, she turned eating into a game. My sister and I would grab a random unmarked tin of food, try to guess the contents before we opened it, and then eat whatever was inside for dinner. We were always on edge when it came to weevils and would carefully eat our breakfast cereal while searching for weevils floating in our milk. If we thought we saw one, my mum would come look at our spoon to inspect a charred bit of Cheerio, usually. She made a game out of most things out of her control.

After throwing away my pantry contents, washing all the food cans, and looking at my empty cabinet, I cried.  I cried because so much food was wasted, but I also cried thinking about how frustrating it must have been for my mum when we had weevils as a kid. It wasn't enough that my mum was poor and worked so hard to budget and make sure my sister and I didn't go hungry, but having to throw all that food away, essentially throwing money away, and still having to find a way to feed her children must have been beyond stressful. I feel your pain momma, I adore you for your strength, and I love you!

And in your honor, momma, I present you with my favorite mum-related hip hip song. (Sorry, Pac)

Friday, June 6, 2014

5 Facts Friday

So it appears that I'm only blogging on Fridays. Perhaps my life has gotten too busy to blog regularly, or maybe I'm just out of great things to say. Either way, I'm able to commit to 5 fact Fridays.
  • For the last week I have been doing a "clean eating" cleanse, of sorts. I chose to sign up for BuzzFeed's challenge, because the recipes looked yummy and they simplified the process with grocery lists and meal plans. So far I've done 6 days, I feel great, and have lost a little weight. While the weight loss was certainly a goal of mine, I was really looking for a jumping point on improving my diet. Since the wedding, I've been in a cooking rut and needed something to motivate me out of my kitchen doldrums and blues. I don't completely understand "clean eating," but I've learned a lot, cook more like my healthy vegan days, and will definitely continue removing processed foods from my diet and adding easy, nutrient-rich foods like flax and chia.
  • Orange in the New Black! Orange is the new Black!!! I'm so excited to binge watch the 2nd season of OITNB, but sadly cannot stay home tonight and gorge myself because BBC and Letty's Billy Squire cover band, Billy's Choir,  is playing.

  • I read this article by Questlove several months ago, it brought empathetic tears to my eyes and has dramatically altered my interactions with black men. Even typing that feels politically incorrect, but ultimately I don't think there should be anything wrong with reversing subconscious racism. It pains me to think that a black man would find it necessary to make himself appear like less of a threat to a woman he doesn't know; it's a way of life I will never know or understand. So how have I altered my interactions with black men? It may be simple and probably goes unnoticed, but I always make sure to make eye contact and smile. I don't know what impact this has had, but smiling at strangers has brighten my days.
  • I got a new job!! I will still be working at UT, but will be in a different department with more challenges. I'm pretty excited. What's most exciting is that I will only have one job from now on, as I also quit my second job! w00t t00t
  • It is a happy, happy Friday indeed. Enjoy the weekend, lovelies!

Friday, May 23, 2014

5 Facts Friday

Yay, it's Friday again. Here are some fact-a-roonies for ya:

  • For the last few weeks I have been using my electronic toothbrush as a normal toothbrush because I've been too forgetful/lazy to replace the batteries!
  • I recently discovered that I prefer jeggings to jeans because I don't have to worry about making sure my zipper is zipped up. Sadly, I too frequently forget to zip my pants.
  • My new favorite summer shoes!!! They're super comfortable and look great with jeans, shorts, and dresses.
  • Last weekend we went to a wedding in San Marcos and have since decided that we want to move there. Nothing has felt so right, with the exception of deciding to get married. The ideal plan would be that I get into grad school at UT next year and we move whenever I'm finished, which would put us at 3 years from now. However, if I don't get in then we'll just up an move as soon as I can get a job at Texas State. It's pretty exciting and we're already making our dream home list: chickens, claw foot tub, wood floors, off the water, goats, a big dog, music recording room......
  • Hey y'all, I have a favorite freckle. It showed up a couple of years ago, so she's still a fresh one. She's located on the inside of my middle finger and I'm pretty sure her name is Gretchen.

Friday, May 9, 2014

5 Facts Friday

It's Friday and while I'm dreaming of a relaxing weekend, I know that from here on out, May will be nothing but runnin' and funnin'. With two weddings, a trip to the beaches of Georgia, and lots of band gigs for the hubby, I should just kick my to-do list to the curb.

  • I'm in a Skeeball league, y'all and our team is doing pretty "not bad." We lost our first match last week by 30 points, which is only 1 ball. You earn little buttons like Girl Scouts whenever you win a match, so I'm crossing my fingers that Skeeming Bitches will be decorated after this Sunday. Also, after lots of thought, I've finally come up with my "roller name", which will be BeyonskeĆ©. Bow down bitches.

  • Last weekend I bought a pretty vintage headboard for $10 at a garage sale. We don't have a headboard and I'm always scoping out Pinterest DIY headboard projects. It would be nothing less than a miracle if I actually repainted and installed it before the end of the month.
  • My soul feels dry. I know that sounds ridiculous, but life without a bathtub and the fact that I haven't gone schwimmin' yet is making this Aquarius crave water! It sounds crazy, but I feel restless and I really think it's because I need a good soaking. I'm going to come back from Georgia looking like a pruney lobster.
  • I'm toying with some ideas here, and it may be because of my previously mentioned "soul dryness," but here are some potential personal projects:
    • Volunteer to work with the Girl Scouts Troop 1500 that mentors girls with incarcerated mothers. It truly sounds like such a great and rewarding project.
    •  Go on a 120 day (completely arbitrary number) spending fast. BBC and I are fortunate to have everything we could possibly need and I'm disappointed with how often I interchange wants with needs. I also want to refocus my spending on experiences rather than things and a spending fast would make our goal of celebrating our 1 year anniversary in Costa Rica more of a possibility.
    • Go on a 100 day (less arbitrary number) fitness challenge. This is a slightly vain project to get back into shape, but I'm also looking for a goal that will get me back into my workout routine. While exercising might come easy for some, I need some motivating scheme to get my brain and my body working together.
  • My favorite pair of cutoffs have been retired. After 10 years of loving wear, worn out holes have emerged on the butt cheeks. But since distressed jorts are all the rage with hipsters, I've listed them on eBay and Etsy with the hopes of making $40 to help me through the grieving process.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Me Trivia

Yesterday, to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day, my department had a luncheon organized by my catering expert coworker and friend, Jessica. To encourage attendance and socialization, we frequently have some sort of contest. Last year everybody brought childhood photos to be identified and the year before there was a paper airplane contest to see who's creation flew the farthest. This year we were asked to submit random/fun trivia and try to guess who's fact belongs to whom.

While I felt like I had a plethora of personal facts to contribute, I ran several of them by Jessica first to insure that they were, in fact, little known facts. I ultimately submitted "________ owns over 100 sweaters." I have a lot of sweaters, to say the least. I was taken by surprise when nearly everyone at the table read that fact and started asking "what psycho has 100 sweaters?" "Clearly that person isn't a native Texan!" The comments continued until the department head suggested they stop lest someone at the table be the sweater collector. While I don't find my sweater collection odd, I felt mildly embarrassed, but mainly for those who thought it was strange and voiced their opinion in front of me before my identity was revealed.

Since then, I have been thinking of all the other random me trivia that I should have submitted. So, here's a list of next year's options:

  • I don't like chocolate.
  • I feel more affection towards pigeons than children.
  • My mum has 13 cats.
Artist's representation of my mum, except her cats all have human names.

  •  I cried while watching Beyonce's Super Bowl performance.
  • My grandmother sent me underwear for over 4 of my adult years.
  • I have very poor color vision. (I can see colors, but can't differentiate comparative colors like orange and red.)
  • I'm terrible at karaoke, but always sing Whitney Houston's I Want to Dance with Somebody.
  • I once saw Tony Little in a Jacksonville Airport wearing a red blazer while waiting for his Avis rental car.
Grrrrr, Tony Little

See why the red blazer is funny?!
  • Growing up, my mum told me I was allergic to egg whites and tuna. However, I have never had a reaction to either that I am aware of.
  • I don't like room temperature bananas, but I love hot or cold bananas..